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The mission of BEU Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences is committed to
  • educate intellectual individuals who are respectful to ethical values, dedicated in life-long learning, academically qualified in respective fields of study, interested in regional and international problems, use today’s advanced technology, and perform their professions at upmost level,
  • ensure interdisciplinary communication and coordination,
  • encourage public and industry supported projects in order to increase the number of research activities, and
  • support increasing the acceptance of highly qualified graduate students from different sources.
The vision of BEU Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences is committed to become an outstanding, contemporary, and nationally and internationally recognized institution that
  • educates professionals and academicians who are highly qualified in the national and international arena, willing to improve themselves, and have entrepreneurial skills,
  • contributes to the development of science and technology by means of its strong academic background,
  • leads to research and development studies focusing on the demands of the society, and
  • accepts total quality in education, teaching, research, and practice.
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