Geological Engineering

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Content of Courses for Geological Engineering MSc Program

  • JEL 701 Advanced Subsurface Geology (3-0-3) 6  ECTS

Part I. Descriptions and information about logging, electrical, micro resistivity, gamma camera, neutron, sonic and gravity logging and applied area of logging, porosity, permeability, saturation. Part II. Correlation models, structure-contour maps and reserve calculations.

  • JEL 702 Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins (2-2-3) 6 ECTS

Heat flux, thermal conductivity, geothermal gradient, reaction kinetic, organic maturity, evolution and classification of organic matters, coal-petroleum-gas formaion, numerical evaluation and models. Computer applications.

  • JEL 703 Petroleum Geology (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Petroleum history and current policies, Petroleum constituent substances, Petroleum bedrock, reservoir rock and cover rock, investigation and classification of petroleum field.

  • JEL 704 Applied Geology (2-2-3)  6 ECTS

Application and ruler of scale with 1/25.000 lithostratigraphical survey and stratigraphic section, principal bore log, correlation methods and regional applications, principal of basin modelling.

  • JEL 705 Coal Geology (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Introduction, geologically coal formation principles (plant material, climate, geographic and regional structure), coal formation environments, coalification, coal types, classification of the coals.

  •  JEL 706 Coal Bearing Strata (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Introduction, coal, basic principles of coal formation, coalification, seam profiles and seam characteristics, coal bearing strata and classification, sedimentary rhythms, coal geochemistry and metamorphism, biochemical factors in coal formation, geological aspects of coal metamorphism, the geochemistry of coal-bearing strata, mineral matter in coal.

  • JEL 707 Ore Microscopy (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Introduction, description of the ore microscopy, preparation of the polished blocks, physical properties of ore minerals in polished blocks, optical properties of the ore minerals, micro chemical techniques, descriptive systems of the ore minerals, mineralogical analyses, para genetic processes of the ore minerals, application fields of the ore microscopy.

  • JEL 708 Introduction to Coal Technology (2-2-3)  6 ECTS

Introduction, characteristically properties of the coals, physical and chemical properties of the coals, classifications, coal preparation, coal drying, briquetting, transporting and deposition, coal fire, carbonization, gasification, liquation, environmental aspects of the cola used.

  • JEL 709 Fossil Fuels (3-0-3 ) 6 ECTS

Introduction, formation and deposition of organic materials, formation of the biosphere and evaluation, transformation of the organic materials, schist’s with bitumen, coals, formation and properties petroleum and natural gases, explorations.

  • JEL 710 Environmental Geology (3-0-3) 6 ECTS

Introduction, introduction to environmental geology, dynamic earth systems, geologic time and earth history, lithosphere, natural resources-hazards and change, soil and weathering systems, fluid earth system, ground water systems, atmospheric system, ocean and coastal systems, energy and change in earth systems, understanding environmental change, tracing and prediction environmental change.

  • JEL 711 Geological Investigation of Natural Disasters (3-0-3) 6 ECTS

Introduction, description of the natural disaster, classification of the natural disaster, earthquake, landslide, floods, rock falling, avalanche falling, precautionary measures, Natural Disasters in Turkey.

  • JEL 712 Regional Petroleum Geology (3-0-3) 6 ECTS

Various petroleum poles, petroleum policies and petroleum crisis in the world, geological compositions in petroleum producer countries.

  • JEL 713 Engineering Geology (3-0-3) 6 ECTS

Indicate of engineering properties of rock and soil environments, investigation of engineering geology during project phase of structures and area of earth’s crust, project with debate of crust environment in huge structures such as tunnels, dams, roads, bridges and decide of necessary materials in these structures, stone quarrying methods. Protect of structures from mass movements and other natural disasters, site investigation studies.

  • JEL 714 Coal Petrology (3-0-3) 6 ECTS

Introduction, fundamental principles of coal petrology (coalification facieses, coalification and diagenesis, microscopic components of the coals), petrographically source of the coal components (source of the maceral and microlithotypes, source of the sapropelic coals and liptobiyolithes), using apparatus and methods of the coal petrology (sampling and preparation of the tin section/polished blocks, investigation methods, determination of the coalification, determination of the mineral matter in coals, fluorometric microscopy). Applied coal petrology (seam identification, investigation of petroleum-natural gases, liquation-gasification, other technical processes).

  • JEL 715 Conventional Natural Construction Materials (3-0-3) 6 ECTS

Introduction, history, identification of the Conventional Natural Construction Materials, classification, standard physical and chemical properties, clastic construction materials, conventional natural construction materials origin magmatic-metamorphic-sedimentary, examples in Turkey.

  • JEL 716 Advanced Industrial Rock and Mineral Deposits (3-0-3) 6 ECTS

position of the world economy, industrial minerals in instruction-textile-paint-glass-insulation-abrasive and cutter-drug and cosmetic-filling-underground construction-foodstuff-chemical industry-industry, examples in Turkey.

  •  JEL 718 Advanced Soil Mechanics and Their Practices (2-2-3) 6 ECTS

Determine of geological, mechanical, physical and engineering properties of soils, experiment of field and laboratory tests and evaluate of their conclusions. By means of these evaluates establish of relationship among soils and engineering structures.

  • JEL 719 Advanced Magmatic and Metamorphic Petrography (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Defination of Crystal, mineral and Rocks, Crystallographical and mineralogical features, Rock forming and Ore mineral Groups, Parts of the Optical Microscope, Magmatism and magmatic rocks, Type of Textures, Special Textures and interpretation, Mineralogical and petrographical analysis of a rock and a mineral, Modal and mineralo-petrochemical analyses and interpretations, Petrotectonical Investigations and interpretation by using Steronet 2000 software, CIPW Classifications, softwares and MinPet 2.0 software applications, Magmatic-Metamorphic Diaggrames and interpretations, Effects of Mineralogic and petrographical Characters on the features of Engineering parametresof rocks.

  • JEL 720 Rocks and Deposits In Relation to Plate Tectonics (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Introduction, ore deposits and terms, classification of ore deposits, ore deposit models (Concordant-regular and discordant-unregular deposits), formation age, reserve and tenoor calculations and their aplications (isotopic age, reserve and tenor-grading calculations, ore deposits and mapping methods (mapping using by Autocad 2004-2009, Coreldraw 11 and Logplot softwares, geotectonical settlings of ore deposits (ısland arc, within plate, midocean, back-arc and convergent plate margins ore deposit models), geological evaluation on the runnability of ore deposits.

  • JEL 721 Advanced Magmatic and Metamorphic Rock Geochemistry and Geochemical Settings (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Subject and defination of Geochemistry,Process affected on the behaviour of elements (Major+Trace+Rare Earth Elements),Mobility and Inmobility of Elements,Mineralogical and chemical Processes of Wearhering and Alteration, Mineral Chemistry, Geochemical valuation of Eh-pH Diaggrames, Geochemical Preperation Methods, Structure and Composition of the Earth, Geochemical Cycle, Geochemical Settlings on the Earth, Isotope Geochemistry, Geocehmical Prospection and It’s Applications, Volcanics, granitoides and ultrabasics, Metamorphics, Petrochemical Calculations, Mineralo-Chemical Calculations, Preperation and Evaluation of the Geochemical and tectonical Diaggrames, Spider Diaggammes (Multielement Diaggrames), Geochemical, petrological evaluation of chemical Data.

  • JEL 722 Advanced Optical Mineralogy Methods in mineral and Rock Defination (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Wave characteristics of light, Opticial Properties of Crystals, Uniaxial and Biaxial Minerals, Ordinary and extraordinary light, Polarization, Defination of the optical microscope, Nicol Prism studies (Single and cross nicols), Compensators, Preparation methods of thin sections. Defination methods under the optical (polarizing) microscope, Optical Classification of Minerals, Sdudy of rocks under the optical microsope, Universal Stage, microfabric and microtectonic sdudies, Drawing techniques on the Steographic net, Modal (pointer) anaysis Methods, Rock textures, Paleontological studies under the optical microscope, Natural agrregate studies under the optical microscope, Grain size and crystal system analysis of crystals and minerals under the microscope.

  • JEL 723 Natural Aggregate Petrography (3-0-3)  6 ECTS

Evaluation and interpretation, between petrographical and enginerring purposed physical and mechanical tests results statistical and matematical corelations of rocks with respect to natural aggregate utilisation.

  • JEL 797 M.Sc. Seminar (0-2-0) 3 ECTS

The Course offers the M.Sc. students to prepare a text with a proper format by investigating literatures and to give an oral presentation to their departmental academic staff. The oral presentations enable the students to gain ability in interactively transfering knowledge and disscusion.

  • JEL 798 M.Sc. Field of Specialization (2-0-0) 15 ECTS

This is a theorical course offerred in semestre, semestre break and summer terms followed by appointment of the advisor for M.Sc. students. It provides M.Sc. students to obtain scientific ethic and discipline.

  • JEL 799 M.Sc. Thesis Research (0-1-0) 15 ECTS

This is a practical course offerred in year, semestre, semestre break and summer terms followed by appointment of the advisor for M.Sc. students.



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