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Thesis Contents of Department of Environmental Engineering MSc Program

No Grad. Date Name Surname Advisor Thesis Subject
1. 12.06.2006 Aygül ÖZSU Assoc. Prof. Yılmaz YILDIRIM

Assessment of Air Pollution Arised From Entegrated Ironsteel Industry

2. 21.07.2006 Özlem AYDIN Assoc Prof. Yılmaz YILDIRIM

Modelling of SO2 and PM Concentration in Atmosphere by Statistical Methods : Zonguldak City Case

3.  21.07.2006 Gülen ÖZTÜRK Assoc. Prof. Yılmaz YILDIRIM

Determination of Traffic Originated Air Pollution in City of Düzce

4. 14.03.2007 Selcen TECER Asst. Prof. Ahmet ALTIN

Education for Environmental: A Study on The Level of Determination of The Primary Students’ Environmental Behaviour, Knowledge, Consciousness and Active Participitation in Balıkesir City

5. 28.05.2007 Elif ULUPINAR Asst. Prof. Ayten GENÇ

Determination of Lead Adsorption Mechanicsms on Soils

6 19.07.2007 Ömür YILDIRIM Asst. Prof. Ahmet ALTIN

The Examination Regarding The Refinability of The Paper Industry Wastewaters by Electro-Fenton

7. 19.07.2007 Fatma BAKIR Asst. Prof. Ahmet ALTIN

Evoluation of The Streams Feeding Kurtbogazi dam and The Downstream Water of The dam from Environmental Point of View

8 16.07.2008 Aşkın OĞUZ Asst. Prof. Ayten GENÇ

Removal of Acid Dyes by Using Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Furnace Bottom Ash

9 16.07.2008 Duygu DURGUN Asst. Prof. Ayten GENÇ

Determination of Production Rate of Solid Waste in Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant Depending on Coal Quality

10. 05.09.2008 Özgür ZEYDAN Assoc. Prof. Yılmaz YILDIRIM

Determining The Amounts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Zonguldak Region

11 10.03.2010 Melih ÖZGÜVEN Asst. Prof. Süreyya ALTIN

Investigation of Zinc Removal from Wastewater Using Flat Sheet Supported Liquid Membrane System

12 24.05.2010 Musa KAYA Assoc. Prof. Yılmaz YILDIRIM

Forest Fires and Air Pollution: Serik-Antalya Example

13 10.06.2010 Dilara TURHAN Asst. Prof. Süreyya ALTIN

Introduction of The Aplication and Difficulties in Application of ISO 14001 in Turkey, Presenting The Uncertainties of ISO 14001

14 10.06.2010 Murat TETİK Asst. Prof. Ayten GENÇ

Determination of Efficiencies in The Sedimentation Basins at Industrial Scale

15 27.10.2010 Levent DURMAZ Asst. Prof. Ayten GENÇ

The Effect of Using Recycled Paper to Kraft Papers’s Quality

16 27.10.2010 Kemal Özgür DİZER Prof. Vural EVREN

Effects of Zeta Potential on The Paper Quality in The Production of Sack Paper

17 04.01.2011 Ali Ercan KÖSE Assoc. Prof. Yılmaz YILDIRIM

Investigation of Green Lıquor Dreg as Waste Materđal in Kraft Pulp and Paper Industry

18 21.06.2011 Sonay ALEMDAR

Asst. Prof. Süreyya ALTIN

Removal Cadmium by Biosorption Processes

19 01.03.2012 Mustafa ERASLAN Prof. Yılmaz YILDIRIM

Integrated Solid Waste Management System:The Case of Karabük

20 11.07.2012 Kemal UYAR Assoc. Prof. Ahmet ALTIN

Water And Wastewater Management in Kraft Paper Industry

21 27.02.2013 Erinç KURU Assoc. Prof. Ayten GENÇ

Investigation of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ereğli-Black Sea Region

22 17.07.2013 Mustafa PARTLAK Assoc. Prof. Şeyda ÖZÖNER Examination of Packaging Waste Management In The Province of  Afyonkarahisar

Thesis Contents of Department of Environmental Engineering PhD Program

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